Flower Bed Designs, Realize Your Family’s Dream Home

Having a beautiful home is every family’s dream. Now, you can make it happen with flower bed designs.

Planting ornamental plants or flowers in the room is indeed a very brilliant idea. Even though you often see flowers in your yard or yard, there’s nothing wrong with putting several types of flowers in your bedroom.

Apart from making the room look aesthetically pleasing, it also provides a cool atmosphere. That way, you are more comfortable when resting.

Flower Bed Designs, Realize Your Family's Dream Home

3 Flower Bed Designs

Creating a bedroom design like this is not a difficult matter. With just a few ideas and creativity, you can make it happen. So that you are not even more curious, here is inspiration that you can apply.

Bedroom with Beautiful Flower Pot Divider

The barrier between rooms is not only using glass, wood or other materials. You can use flowers in pots to be a barrier.

The plant pot in question can be a cement pot. In the cement pot, there are several types of flowers that you can plant.

You can choose the type of plant and size yourself. So that the bedroom looks even more perfect, choose a type of flower that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.

Such as cacti, mother-in-law’s tongue plants, aloe vera, ivory betel and so on. Meanwhile, choose flowers that are small in size, so that they are more varied.

Choosing cactus and ivory betel as flowers in your bedroom is the right thing to do. The reason is, cacti can absorb carbon compounds contained in the room. Meanwhile, betel ivory is able to absorb harmful toxins in the atmosphere.

A Bedroom with Creeping Flowers

Flower bed designs that are no less interesting for you to apply are bedrooms with vines. This idea is perfect for those of you who have limited space.

Putting flowers in pots in a minimalist room is generally quite difficult. As a solution, you can choose vines.

Some flowers that can propagate include syngonium, spider plant, philodendron, and other flowers. In addition, pins can also be a decoration.

Bedroom with Floating Shelves

One more idea that you can try, namely a bedroom with floating shelves. This room design utilizes shelves to place flowers.

It’s a good idea that the floating shelves you want to use are made of metal materials such as iron or mild steel. However, it must remain strong in order to withstand the load.

Those were some flower bed designs that you can apply. This kind of room design is perfect for newly married couples.