Vegetable Garden Planning to Maximize the Home Yard

Vegetable garden planning is interesting for us to apply. Yard or yard we do not only plant ornamental plants.

However, we can also plant a variety of vegetables. Not only making the yard or yard cool and beautiful.

But it provides many benefits. One of them is saving the household budget because you no longer need to buy vegetables at the market or supermarket.

Vegetable Garden Planning to Maximize the Home Yard

4 Vegetable Garden Planning

Making a vegetable garden is not something we can do carelessly. It takes a lot of preparation and planning. Here are some plans we can do.

Choose the Right Land Area

The first thing we have to do is planning, namely choosing the right land area. Generally, the yard area of ​​the house is covered by a canopy.

Not infrequently there are various kinds of trees. In order for vegetable growth to be more effective, choose a large and spacious yard area.

Vegetable garden requires sufficient light intensity. That’s why, choose an area that is not too hot or vice versa.

Then, select an area that is not adjacent to the exit path. This aims to keep the vegetable plants safe and not trampled to death.

Prepare Soil Media with Organic Content

Vegetables can grow fertile and dense, if they get enough nutrition. For this reason, be sure to use soil media with organic content.

This organic content can be in the form of compost, nitrogen, or organic matter that can support the growth of vegetable plants.

Determine the Type of Vegetables to be Planted

The next vegetable garden planning is determining the types of vegetables we want to plant. It is important for us to always remember, not all types of vegetables can be planted in the yard or yard.

It’s good to choose vegetables that have easy care. No need to plant many types of vegetables, just make sure that we really need these vegetables or the family’s favorite vegetables.

Some types of vegetables that we can plant include spinach, lettuce, green onions, kale, celery, and other types of vegetables.

Create a Watering and Fertilizer Schedule

Next, make a proper watering and fertilizer schedule. In the watering process, each type of vegetable has different water needs.

Not too often, if too much water will disturb the growth of vegetables. Then, add enough fertilizer if necessary.

Try to use organic fertilizers and avoid chemical fertilizers. So that our vegetables are getting healthier.

That was the vegetable garden planning that we can apply. Let’s plant our yard with more useful plants.