Garden Pest Control, Maintain Plant Growth and Development

Garden pest control is important for you to apply. Pests in the garden not only interfere with plant growth and development.

However, it also affects the cleanliness and beauty of the home page. Pests consist of various kinds of nuisance animals.

For example, rats, grasshoppers, caterpillars, birds, and other types of pests. If you don’t get the right treatment right away, you can lose your crop or suffer a loss.

Garden Pest Control, Maintain Plant Growth and Development

2 Garden Pest Control

Overcoming pests in the garden, you can’t do it carelessly. You have to adjust this control according to the type of pest.

Different types of pests have different treatments. In order not to give the wrong action, the following is complete information.

Using Liquid Attractant

The first way that you can use to control pests is by using an attractant liquid. This liquid works very effectively against insect pests.

Attractants are liquids that can attract insects. Then, these insects will fall into the trap.

To make attractant liquid, several preparations are needed, including:

  1. Prepare all the equipment, starting from used plastic bottles of mineral water, attractant fluids, and cotton or a piece of cloth.
  2. Cut the bottle into two parts, top and bottom.
  3. Then, wet a cotton pad or piece of paper using the attractant liquid.
  4. Insert the cotton or cloth into the bottle cut at the bottom.
  5. After that, insert the bottle piece at the top upside down into the bottom bottle piece.
  6. Hang the device containing the attractant in the garden area.

Make Puddles in the Nursery

The next garden pest control, namely by making puddles in the nursery. This method of control is suitable for caterpillar-type pests.

Caterpillars are garden pests that often eat leaves and stems of plants. Even though the caterpillar will turn into a beautiful butterfly, you still have to deal with it precisely and quickly.

Before making a puddle, try to do regular checks. Caterpillars will usually hide on the underside of the leaves.

If you see white butterfly eggs, clean them immediately. After that, then flood the nursery with water so that the caterpillars don’t rise to the top.

You will also find it easier to eradicate it. If this method still doesn’t work, you can do the last step, namely by using pesticides.

But don’t be careless in using it. Pay attention to the use of pesticides in accordance with the rules listed on the package.

Those were some garden pest controls that you can apply. You can prevent these pests by providing proper and regular garden maintenance.